Michael Jastram

Dr. Michael Jastram

Requirements Modeling Expert

You need to exchange requirements via ReqIF? You look for an affordable requirements editor? Your customer provides you with a ReqIF document? If any of these is true, read on!

  • Perform a ReqIF-based Review Process
  • Start using our free ReqIF editor right away
  • Get started with a ReqIF-based exchange
  • Learn what ReqIF is in the first place
  • Introduce lightweight requirements engineering that's better than Word and Excel

This library provides you with everything you need: Software tools, instructions, tutorials, references and much more.

What is ReqIF? It's the Requirements Interchange Format, used by many software tools to exchange requirements. This sites explains exactly what it is, and how you can use it. (Hint: exchanging requirements is just the beginning, there is much, much more).

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