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A Full-Featured XML Editor

December 8, 2017
New Content

This free checklist explains how to install the Eclipse XML Editor into ReqIF Studio.

It's already possible to look at the XML source of a ReqIF file with ReqIF Studio (via right-click | Open with | Text Editor). But experts who want to get their hands dirty may prefer a fully-featured editor. This Checklist describes how to install it, step by step. Go to the Checklist >>

Updated Solution: ReqIF Under The Hood

November 13, 2017

This solution has undergone a complete overhaul. Check it out now >>

New Video: ReqIF Roundtrip with ReqIF Studio and DOORS

October 16, 2017
New Content

We get a lot of request on how to perform a ReqIF-based roundtrip. This new premium video shows this with ReqIF Studio and IBM Rational DOORS, in the context of a requirements review. See Video >>

ReqIF Studio 2.2.2 released

September 26, 2017
Bug Fix

This is a minor bug fix release. ReqIF Studio should inform you of the availability of this release, unless auto-update is disabled. Details >>

New Checklist: for ReqIF-based Exchange Setup

September 15, 2017
New Content

This new premium checklists helps getting ready for performing a ReqIF-based requirements exchange. It is compatible with the free HIS-Process, and has a focus on selecting the right method and setting up the tools. Get the Checklist >>

New Free Content: ReqIF Studio in a Team Environment

August 18, 2017
New Content

Requirements engineering is never done in isolation – the whole point of requirements is communication. Even if just one person is writing the requirements, there are usually many people processing the requirements: reading, reviewing, commenting, agreeing.

ReqIF Studio is not a replacement for a professional requirements engineering tool. But with a little care, it can be used in a team. This paper provides some guidelines. Read now >>

New Free Content: ReqIF Studio Tips and Tricks

August 8, 2017
New Content

ReqIF Studio is easy to use. But there are many powerful functions that are not that easily found. In ReqIF Studio Tips and Tricks you find many useful answers, organized by problem.

What would you like to see next? Just reply to this email!

June 30, 2017

Since its launch in autumn 2016, ReqIF.academy has been growing rapidly, both members and content. I am very excited about the interest in the site. The question is: Where to invest next? A number of new things are planned: Solutions will be packaged into self-contained training courses; ReqIF Studio will be updated to a new Eclipse; and there will be a strong focus on interoperability with other tools.

But what would you like to see? Let me know by answering to this email, or by hitting the green feedback button on the website. Let me know!

Software Installation FAQ Updates

June 28, 2017

Two new items were added to the Software Installation FAQ: One providing information on running ReqIF Studio on MacOS, the other on installing ReqIF Studio inside an existing Eclipse installation.

Update: Better Video on Traceability Analysis

June 15, 2017

The premium video Basic Requirements Engineering with ReqIF Studio (32 min) has been updated with more detail on trace analysis, starting around 27 minutes into the video. Enjoy!