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Just launched: Mastering ReqIF Online Course

February 19, 2018
New Content

We just launched the long-awaited Mastering ReqIF Online Course. Now you can quickly get up to speed with ReqIF to solve real-world problems:

  • Exchange requirements using ReqIF
  • Create and tailor requirements exchange processes
  • Extend and modify requirements using ReqIF
  • ... and much more.

The course consists of 10 videos (143 minutes), 5 PDFs, and several of other pieces of content. Find out more >>

Revised Solution Structure

January 22, 2018

ReqIF.academy consists of library elements (videos, PDFs, etc.) and "solutions", which group these elements together into meaningful sequences. The structure of those solutions has been revised to represent a logical learning experience. This online course is part of the premium membership. However, we will soon offer it separately as well. Visit new Solutions page >>

Extend, a New Rich Text Editor (Beta)

December 27, 2017
New Content

ReqIF Studio ships with a Rich Text (XHTML) editor that is great for getting started, and powerful enough for most applications. Most users are content with RTF. But sometimes, power users demand a little more. This is why we created Extend, a rich text editor that goes the extra mile. This premium component is currently in BETA. You can try it out with no risk, as switching back and forth between the the old editor and Extend is easy. Try it out >>

New Video: The ReqIF Data Model

December 19, 2017
New Content

This new 44 minute video represents a a crash course of the ReqIF Data Model that goes into great detail. The detailed table of content helps navigate this long video. Watch now >>

A Full-Featured XML Editor

December 8, 2017
New Content

This free checklist explains how to install the Eclipse XML Editor into ReqIF Studio.

It's already possible to look at the XML source of a ReqIF file with ReqIF Studio (via right-click | Open with | Text Editor). But experts who want to get their hands dirty may prefer a fully-featured editor. This Checklist describes how to install it, step by step. Go to the Checklist >>

Updated Solution: ReqIF Under The Hood

November 13, 2017

This solution has undergone a complete overhaul. Check it out now >>

New Video: ReqIF Roundtrip with ReqIF Studio and DOORS

October 16, 2017
New Content

We get a lot of request on how to perform a ReqIF-based roundtrip. This new premium video shows this with ReqIF Studio and IBM Rational DOORS, in the context of a requirements review. See Video >>

ReqIF Studio 2.2.2 released

September 26, 2017
Bug Fix

This is a minor bug fix release. ReqIF Studio should inform you of the availability of this release, unless auto-update is disabled. Details >>

New Checklist: for ReqIF-based Exchange Setup

September 15, 2017
New Content

This new premium checklists helps getting ready for performing a ReqIF-based requirements exchange. It is compatible with the free HIS-Process, and has a focus on selecting the right method and setting up the tools. Get the Checklist >>

New Free Content: ReqIF Studio in a Team Environment

August 18, 2017
New Content

Requirements engineering is never done in isolation – the whole point of requirements is communication. Even if just one person is writing the requirements, there are usually many people processing the requirements: reading, reviewing, commenting, agreeing.

ReqIF Studio is not a replacement for a professional requirements engineering tool. But with a little care, it can be used in a team. This paper provides some guidelines. Read now >>