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New Free Content: ReqIF Studio Tips and Tricks

August 8, 2017
New Content

ReqIF Studio is easy to use. But there are many powerful functions that are not that easily found. In ReqIF Studio Tips and Tricks you find many useful answers, organized by problem.

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June 30, 2017

Since its launch in autumn 2016, ReqIF.academy has been growing rapidly, both members and content. I am very excited about the interest in the site. The question is: Where to invest next? A number of new things are planned: Solutions will be packaged into self-contained training courses; ReqIF Studio will be updated to a new Eclipse; and there will be a strong focus on interoperability with other tools.

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Software Installation FAQ Updates

June 28, 2017

Two new items were added to the Software Installation FAQ: One providing information on running ReqIF Studio on MacOS, the other on installing ReqIF Studio inside an existing Eclipse installation.

Update: Better Video on Traceability Analysis

June 15, 2017

The premium video Basic Requirements Engineering with ReqIF Studio (32 min) has been updated with more detail on trace analysis, starting around 27 minutes into the video. Enjoy!

The Essence of the ReqIF Implementation Guide

June 8, 2017
New Content

ReqIF is a very powerful file format – almost too powerful: Interoperability between the various ReqIF implementations is problematic. To address this, Prostep iViP, a non-profit, organized an implementor forum to address this. This free paper outlines the topics covered in the Implementor Guide. Read now >>

A Favor: Help us Understand the State of Product Development

May 30, 2017

Requirements play a crucial role on product development. One of our partners, Jama Software, is currently running a survey on the state of product development. We invite you take five minutes to complete the survey. The results of the survey will be published once available. Thanks in advance for your help. Fill out survey >>

How to Update ReqIF Studio without loosing data

May 26, 2017

While ReqIF Studio uses an update mechanism for installing updates, there are scenarios where a manual update has to be performed. How this is done has now been added to the Software Installation FAQ.

Exporting ReqIF in IBM Rational DOORS

May 16, 2017
New Content

It's crucial to understand how tools support ReqIF, therefore, we'll publish basic information about various tools that support ReqIF.  IBM® Rational® DOORS® is one of the more popular requirements tools, and it supports ReqIF. In this free reference, you will learn how you can export requirements from DOORS, so that they can be read directly by ReqIF Studio. Read now >>

Updated Video: Traceability with ReqIF Studio

May 9, 2017

In March, we published a video on traceability. This video has now been improved, in particular regarding the use of Deduct for creating a traceability matrix. This video is premium content. Watch now >>

New White Paper: ISO 29148 Requirements Engineering

April 25, 2017
New Content

The ISO/EC/IEEE 29148 is the ISO standard on requirements engineering for software and systems engineering. It contains lots of useful information, but is a rather dry read. This free white paper summarizes its content, giving you a good idea of its content. Free Download >>