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Special Offer on ReqIF Training on April 28

March 30, 2017

It's not too late to book the international ReqIF training in Düsseldorf on April 28. Taking place at the airport, you can get there from anywhere in Europe and return the same night – or spend a fun weekend in Düsseldorf.

Spend a full day of intense ReqIF knowledge in a dynamic workshop. Whether you need to set up a ReqIF-based requirements exchange or need to integrate requirements data, you'll get the answers that you are looking for.

There are still some spots available, and as a special incentive, save 10% if you book by next week Friday, April 7. Just use Coupon Code MEMBER when booking. Book Now >>

New Video Lecture: Traceability with ReqIF Studio

March 27, 2017
New Content

Another video lecture has been added to the portfolio: This video lecture describes how links are created in ReqIF Studio, in order to create traceability between requirements. Links, or Traces, are called SpecRelations in ReqIF. This lecture explains how they are created, edited and customized. In particular, it explains how traceability can be used for analysis, like change management or visualizing a traceability matrix. Watch now >>

ReqIF Studio 2.2 released

March 15, 2017

Version 2.2 of ReqIF Studio just got released. It contains a new feature that allows the configuration for a specific ReqIF file to be written in a separate file, rather than the ReqIF file. This makes it easier to work in a team, when using a versioning system. Access it via Window | Preferences | ReqIF | Store settings in ReqIF file.

If you already have ReqIF Studio installed, the tool should notify you of the update (or check via Help | Check for Updates). Or download ReqIF Studio, if you have not done so yet – it's free.

New Template: All ReqIF Datatypes in One File

March 14, 2017
New Content

A new (free) template has been added to the library: ReqIFz-File with all 7 Datatypes. This file contains all datatypes preconfigured, as well as a SpecObjectType that has attributes for each datatpye. Get the template >>

New Video: Datatypes in ReqIF Studio

March 13, 2017
New Content

Another 20-minute video has been added, this time a detailed description on the datatypes of ReqIF and their configuration in ReqIF Studio. This video lecture also contains information on compatibility. Watch video >>

Two Solutions have been Overhauled

March 9, 2017

Solutions group library content together to help you solve your problems. Two solutions were just updated significantly, both by adding content and by improving on how the solutions can be navigated. Please check out Introduction to ReqIF and Open a ReqIF File for the First Time.

New Video: Creating a New ReqIF File and Basic Editing

March 8, 2017
New Content

This 8-minute video lecture describes how to create a new ReqIF file, and the basics of editing. Besides creating new requirements and editing their values, it describes the hierarchical structure of specifications. It also describes in detail the implications of deleting requirements, which has some pitfalls. Check it out >>

New Video: Opening and Inspecting a ReqIF File

March 3, 2017
New Content

This 19-minute video teaches everything necessary for opening and inspecting a ReqIF File with ReqIF Studio. It describes in detail on how you can navigate your data, or search through it, and how the various views work. Even more important, it covers troubleshooting and how to deal with invalid ReqIF. Check it out >>

Give Me a Day and I’ll Make You a ReqIF Expert

February 27, 2017

Airport Training: ReqIF in a Day | Friday | April 28. 2017 | Düsseldorf Airport

No matter whether you need to learn about ReqIF (customer pressure), or whether you want to learn it to apply it in our organization: The faster you absorb the knowledge, the better. And a face-to-face workshop in a small group is the best way to provide in-depth knowledge.

I've been working with ReqIF since 2006, and I created the reference implementation of ReqIF as an open source project. Over the years, I shared my knowledge through lectures, talks, articles, and many, many workshops, both in-house and public. Therefore, I have a lot of experience in getting people up to speed on ReqIF. Fast!

For the first time, I offer my knowledge in a one-day international workshop. Taking place at Düsseldorf Airport and held in English, Participants can arrive in the morning and return home in the evening, without having to worry about missing their flights. Or take advantage of being in a vibrant city for a long weekend. Details >>

Example ReqIF Studio Demo File from Rail Industry

February 7, 2017
New Content

The best way to learn about a software is by looking at some real-world data. Therefore, we provide you here with a great example from the rail industry.