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    John van der Merwe

    Hi all,
    I’m trying to import multiple fields (Key, Description, Summary, rationale) from a .CSV file into ReqIF studio. The import works fine: all of the fields are in the right columns. But upon saving, all of the newly imported requirements show errors. When I validate my Datatype configuration I get the following error conditions for all imported fields: “[D] The required feature ‘lastChange’ of ‘AttributeDefinitionString’ must be set”. When I select the “All attributes” tab and select the imported spec object, the “Last Change” field is blank and does not allow to be edited.
    Any suggestions welcome
    Thank you

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    Hi John,

    To be honest, the CSV importer was a simple prototype, and as you noticed, it’s violating the ReqIF spec by not setting the last change attribute. Sorry!

    Also, you can’t edit the attribute, as it is updated automatically when you modify an item.

    There are a few workarounds:

    • If it’s a small number if items, then the attribute will be set when you edit them.
    • You could also do a global search&replace on the raw XML
    • You could simply ignore the messages. These warning won’t interfere with the operation of ReqIF Studio, and chances are low that this is a problem for any other ReqIF importer.

    In the meantime, we logged this in our issue tracker.

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    John van der Merwe

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you. I’m using ReqIF Studio as Requirements database and would like to import the requirements to Capella MBSE tool. But (obviously) Capella is struggling to handle corrupt reqif files.
    Thanks for the feedback

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