ReqIF Studio

ReqIF Studio: Swiss Army Knife for ReqIF

ReqIF Studio is our the free Requirements Editor. It is based on open source and has been enhanced with a few goodies. Download and install this tool to open and view ReqIF files in no time.

  1. Clicking on the Download Page button simply puts me back at you main page! I can’t download!!!

  2. Hi reqif-Studio Team,

    at a Mac, the application just crashes and does not open at all.
    Is this a known issue ?

  3. Hi,

    I tried to install a clean version of ReqIF Studio 3.2.1 on MacOS (10.13.4) but it fails to start with the error “studio quit unexpectedly”. When that occurred I tried to update my previous 3.2.0 install. The update worked, but I get the same error on startup. Never had any issues with earlier versions of ReqIF Studio.

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