Basic Requirements Engineering with ReqIF Studio (32 min)


Content: This lecture teaches you the basics of requirements engineering, and how to use ReqIF Studio for this purpose. You learn what requirements are, why tools are necessary, and how a development process could look like. You learn what attributes are recommended, and how you add them in ReqIF Studio. You learn how to use traces, and how to perform some basic analysis.

Target Group: Requirements Engineers

Prerequisites: ReqIF Studio is installed. Completion of Working with ReqIF Studio


  • Why Requirements? (1:40)
    • The cost of mistakes (3:55)
  • What are requirements? (5:08)
    • ISO 29148 (6:11)
    • Definition of "Requirement" (6:39)
    • Types of requirements (8:22)
  • Requirements and Process (10:00)
    • Light and Heavyweight standards (ISO 15288 and 29110) (10:53)
    • V-Model (11:27)
    • ISO 29110 (13:36)
    • ReqIF Studio: Using the Traceability Template (16:36)
    • ReqIF Studio: Stakeholder and Systems Requirements based on ISO 29148 (17:15)

Agenda (cont.)

  • Working with Requirements (18:52)
    • The need for tools (19:07)
    • Recommended requirements attributes (20:44)
    • ReqIF Studio: Creating new Attributes (22:12)
    • ReqIF Studio: Simple analysis ("requirements must have a priority") (25:30)
    • ReqIF Studio: Create "realize" traceability (26:23)
    • ReqIF Studio: Trace analysis with "Quick Search" (27:26)
    • Deduct: Trace analysis with Traceability Matrix (27:55)
    • ReqIF Studio: Change Management (29:06)
    • Disciplines using requirements (30:03)
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Lecture Notes

  • Change Management Template (The template used in the lecture)
  • ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2011 (Systems and software engineering — Life cycle processes — Requirements engineering)
  • ISO 29110
  • ISO 15288